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Posted: 11/03/2010 by Toby in Other

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Project Management Professional

Posted: 28/02/2009 by Toby in News
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For those of you who noticed the poll off to the side, that was foreshadowing the fact that I had a major test today. I am now a PMP.

To give you some idea how vague and difficult these questions were, here’s an example. I’m obligated not to share actual test questions, and trust me the test was much harder, so this is only an example.

When you first meet someone, it is MOST important to:
A. Be nice
B. Be honest
C. Be kind
D. Be alert

Seriously! There were untold number of questions where multiple answers were ‘right’ but (obviously) only one was ‘most right.’

In PMP speak, now that I have experienced a change in my professional status, I need to submit a change request to update my baseline professional status.