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Made like they used to

Posted: 07/06/2011 by Toby in Funny

The piece of machinery pictured here is definitely made ‘like they used to.’ No one wanted this sewing aching (not even us) but I couldn’t help pulling it up, plugging it in and pushing the pedal. The machine runs like a piece of heavy machinery out of a factory. And heavy is the word for this sewing mahine! Sharole says she can barely even lift it. I haven’t weighed it exactly but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than Gigi at 30 kilos!

it was just so cool how easy it was to open up the machinery and watch the piston go up and down.

true story though, the sewing machine is haunted. I left it plugged in, didn’t do any sewing with it because whoever that friend of my wife’s mother was, she couldn’t be bothered to keep the bobbins with it or even not plural bobbins just a singular bobbin. Anyway, no bobbin, new sewin’. So I leave it plugged and go to watch some recorded toob, when about 1/2 hour later the thing springs to life of it’s own accord! Suddenly there’s a sound from the dining room table as if a leprechaun textile mill just move in and fired up all its machinery at once. I ran in and pressed the pedal to see if that would take care of the stationary locomotive but it did not. In the end only unplugging the demon from its Source of demonic power finally tamed the sewing machine from industrial hell.

Also, this was written on the iPad but not through any fancy app or anything just in the web.