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Citizenship for Toby

Posted: 11/06/2014 by Toby in Events, Family, News, Pictures
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Hey everyone, I’m no longer the odd man out in our family. I’m still an odd man sometimes of course.. I’m the last one to become a dual citizen of the US and Australia! For those who don’t know, a bit of history.

Sharole joined me in the US and we got married, and after much paperwork, she was a permanent resident. We had 3 kids while we were there, and for each kid, as soon as he or she popped out, we went down to the Aussie Embassy in DC to get them naturalised and get their passports (so easy compared to the US process btw). Then, barely in time, before we emigrated to Australia, We figured just save ourselves hassle next time and get Sharole made into a citizen. So that was all of them as dual citizens except for me. Then when we had Rocky here in Oz, we likewise went to the US embassy and made him a naturalised American.

In order to become an Australian, I had to wait 4 years before I could apply. We sometimes hear stories of people getting their citizenship faster than that, but we sure didn’t know how that happened, or what loopholes they were able to use, so we just went the usual route.


Everyone at my work were quite happy for me, I would imagine it’s a pretty rare thing for a non-Aussie to be working for a Council. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten this job if I couldn’t at least say I was approved to be a citizen (just had to wait for the ceremony).


Here’s a bit of trivia for you: the status of Australian Citizen is only 66 years old. That’s right up until 1948 Australians were classified as British subjects, and held UK passports. I did a bit of research and it turns out Canada was a similar story. The status of Canadian citizen was only in effect since 1947, so the year prior. I won’t say it, but some might think Aussies were copying the Canadians.


For our wedding anniversary this year we decided, ok it may have been more me to go and see, Cliff Richard in concert in March. We bought the tickets last year and waited for it to come around.

Before it started. Bad lighting here but oh well. The theatre is beautiful all Art Deco.

Wow, what a lot of energy he has for a 72 year old, not to mention a great figure. I guess staying single and no kids, has kept him in fine form.
We had a nice time. My dad watched the kids and we jetted off into the city by train, grabbed our favourite snags, my favourite is the Greek, Toby likes to change his up each time. We were going to go the Reuban this time but it was closed, so we were still happy with our fancy snags. Then made a run for it to the concert and thankfully made it.

As it was starting. Awesome lighting throughout.

Obviously an older audience, though I will say we weren’t the youngest people there :) There was also one ning nong that kept calling out, one in every crowd, as they say. He came back for 3 encores and it went for over 3 hours. I enjoyed singing all the songs.
We were so impressed with his stamina dancing all over the stage. So many good songs, gotta love the goodies and oldies…. His sense of humour was great also, nice to know your going to get class at an event and not trash.

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

The biggest project goning on about the house at present is the new cubby house.
We purchased it from Costco and Toby managed to load it up and bring it on home. 6 large boxes. The rest of us couldn’t fit in the van, so it was a one man show.

We’ve had it now for about 5 weeks and I think only 4 goes at moving the project forward, has taken place.

This is the 2 “T’s Project. Big T and little T. TJ loves working on it with his dad. He even likes to use it as an excuse to get out of other activities, like church. Comments like “Dad and I had better stay home and work on the cubby house or it’ll never get finished”.

I should have taken progress shots from each time they’ve worked on it. I shall have to do better at it. But today I finally pulled my finger out and got a few shots whilst Toby was at work and TJ at school.

You might have noticed that their won’t be much backyard left once it’s finished. Oh well. Now is the time for the kids to enjoy the joys of being kids. At the ripe ages of 6,5,3.5 and well Rocky might enjoy the sand pit for now.

Ok this is a 2 storey cubby, with a climbing wall, a twirly slipperyslide, 3 swings, sandpit and I think that is about it. Yep that’s our clothes line in the way of this shot. when we first moved here we lopped one tree and recently lopped another in the backyard to make room for this contraption. They’ll have a good view of the street from up there for sure. A look out for when our friends or family are coming to visit, and hopefully more reasons to be outside and doing, instead of inside.

It would have made for a nice project for him and a brother to do together to yap some afternoons away, however his brothers aren’t here so he gets to do it with his eldest son. It’s a great learning tool for TJ as he learns about tools and so forth. However it naturally will take much longer to achieve this way. But worth it naturally :)

TJ has already started to fill it with stuff, to lay claim. It reminds me of his pirate ship boat he had, he filled that thing with clothes, papers and so forth, before too long it started ripping from too much clutter. Somehow Uncle Gregg managed to get in their with him though, on a visit to Hazelbrook. So hopefully others will fit also once it’s completed.

Hopefully more will take place this coming weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

A reign of Terror

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And it came to pass that Sharole the First was persuaded to explore distant lands by sea, in a ship of curious workmanship, and did sail forth. And thus began the reign of Toby the Elder. And thus we see that insomuch as the O’Hara children had been slow in obedience to their mummy, and had hardended their heart against her wise counsel, behold another has taken her place, one who cared not for their cries for mercy, and one who, sad to say, was not nearly as good looking.

The end of a bottle

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I probably had this bottle of Cool Water for 10 years or so, and it was still good to the last drop.

Fun fact: I never did and still don’t wear much cologne, most of the time I forget to put anything on. I have a few alternatives as well, such as aftershave, and spray deodorant – so many choices.

Boy Most Likely To…

Posted: 27/05/2010 by Toby in Other

Today’s blog post will be simply a question:

To my friends and family, and even to those lurkers who have never met me, I want you to go into comments and tell me what you thought I would grow up to ‘be’ as in career wise.

Quick! The first one or two to come to mind.

To help out those people who don’t know me, here’s a picture.

You can tell a lot from a picture.

A Block Cheese Party!

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