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TJ’s 5th Birthday

Posted: 09/02/2011 by Sharole in Events, Pictures, TJ
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Yep my boy turned 5 first thing this year, and about to start school. We were blessed to have Aunty Molly here for the special event.

Toby did the cake decorating this time, a train. It was almost a train wreck but we managed to revive it. Not our best work but not terrible. TJ was happy and that’s all that matters.

TJ loves birthdays. He’s excited for a good month beforehand. Loves to carry his birthday cards around for a month after his birthday, and enjoys every part of it. He even remembers who buys him what years later, he’s a details boy.

He got a special gift this year from us, being his first year of school. He got a big green wagon. It fits all three kids in it and allows us to take them on walking trips in it. A fun family activity. I also can use it to get shopping from the local store.