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Thomas the Tank Engine

Posted: 16/07/2010 by Toby in Events, Pictures
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This is a happy face. As an outing for one of the days Toby has been off during the school holidays we decided to take the kids for a train ride.

Originally we’d planned on going to one near us there were special events taking place due tothe holidays. However when I added up the cost for our small family to attend I realised it was going to be over $150. That was a no thank you!

So my little brain went a thinking and I remembered a place down the mountain for little tykes to enjoy miniature trains at a much more reasonable price that fitted our budget. And so off we set.

When we got there they said we could choose which trains we wanted to ride on so we asked for Toby naturally. Well would you believe it they had lent him to the event we rejected due to cost, darn it! So the kids picked two others to ride on. The first was Thomas and the second was James. We also saw Gordon and Mavis doing some work also.

The kids loved it. The weather turned out great and it’s great to be able to do simple things that don’t cost much that the kids really enjoy and we can to.