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Content Lacking & Other News

Posted: 16/06/2010 by Toby in Informative, Other
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Just look at the title of this post. I thought of that. It’s got something slacker about it, and I thought of it in less than 5 seconds. (Is it really news that content is lacking? no, it’s self evident. Yet it’s being called ‘news’ – this is the joke that only I will get a chuckle from, and maybe one other person)

Did you know that hotmail’s passwords are not case-sensitive? Just another reason not to start a new hotmail account. May I suggeset gmail instead? Speaking of email, Facebook gets along fine without being a web-based email account. All its interactions are facebook-to-facebook, with no email inbox. I wonder if this has occurred to anyone at facebook, they had the discussion and decided it was not needed.

Can I just add one more random thing in this misc category other news post?!? Holy Crap Lens Flare is here. What the freakin arse heck is going on. First “shaky camera” became all the rage, and now it’s “more flare.” I have trouble sitting through a CSI Miami without totally losing the conversation, because random rays of the sun are being reflected in from random nearby shiny buildings or window ledges through random windows and blinding me. It was sorta cute/new to copy Solaris and splash a LOT of flare across the new Star Trek movie, it served its purpose by making the movie shinier and sortof space-y. But CSI Miami? C’mon! We already have Mr Sunglasses, what else could that show possibly need. However, I might not have ranted like this unless I’d seen this preview for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (SLYT). Am I going to have to retrain my brain to watch TV through piles and piles of flashing lights and flare? I’m moving to the woods and living like a bear. Just to touch on the MvC3 game again for a sec, I have to admit I like these fighting games, and this one looks pretty cool, they must have cribbed from games like Valkrie and Viewtiful Joe for the look and feel, and I like it a lot.

Phrase of the day today is courtesy of Blackwater ex-CEO Erik Prince referring to the investigation into his ex-company as an “extreme proctological examination.”

I love the latest version of GIMP. Download it, and use it!

I missed my stop this morning, I was pretty comfortable after I figured out that my hoodie makes a better head bundle than my scarf does. And I was having pretty wacky dreams too.  Now they are gone from me, but I remember working through the logic and finally realising it had to be a dream, and I woke up just as they were closing the doors at my stop, my first of 3 stops. So I went the longer route this morning, and mentally shook my fist at the sky – it seemed the natural thing to do.

More to come later. I wrote up some memories of childhood, I might try to share here. At least my family should enjoy reading it.

Over and out.


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Next stop: Deaflympics

Last Thursday morning I swam for the 2nd time in years. I swam 16 lengths of the pool, 800 meters. The first lap, I couldn’t get halfway down swimming freestyle before I started to do breast stroke (frog swim) to finish one length, and I arrived at each end totally out of breath, breathing hard like I’d just done a long sprint at full speed. The trainer dude suggested that I don’t worry about getting there quickly for now, just work on my breathing. So, instead of really trying to pull myself through the water, I took it much slower, and tried to take bigger breaths, and calm down my system enough to just breathe, and, as an afterthought, to swim. After working on that for a few laps, I went further and further across, until I finally made it all the way across without stopping, and I wasn’t as much out of breath!

I am still enjoying the flippers big time, I just love the way they propel me right through the water so much faster.  I got a cramp during the second lap with the flippers, and the trainer said that was a sign of dehydration, I should have water with me at the pool.  Now this may be quite obvious to all you swimmers out there, but I didn’t realise that people sweat, even when they swim, and that they need to keep hydrated. So, note to self, remember water next time.

The good thing about the swim days, as opposed to the run and bike days is that I can get a shower after working out before I head in to work. The offices that BP Solar is in now are not as good as the old offices in Homebush, those offices had showers. Anyway, so there I am covered in cholorine.  I step into a shower stall, and push the water on.  It’s one of those handles that you push and it comes out for a while and then stops.  Then I have to pee. I figure all the drains and flushes go back to the recycle plant anyway, right? so while the water is going, I just let it on out – aimed at the drain of course so it doesn’t go everywhere.  My little swimmers are already off, and I’m rinsing them and wringing them out, and I realise the shower has stopped, but my, um, personal contribution had not quite stopped, and I realised that the sound of trickling in the drain was not being covered up by the sound of the shower running, and I quickly pushed the shower handle again.

A little sick

After swimming, went to a major shopping centre where BP Solar is planning to install 100kW of solar photo voltaics (PV). While there, I started feeling poorly.  I’m pretty sure whatever TJ had over the weekend has now been given to me. I decided to head home and get some rest rather than share the love. I’m still a little under the influence of the germ, but it’s not interfering too badly at the moment.  I can still function and do my job.

Saga’s End

I think that the saga of the rear shock is finally at an end. The new shock is now recieved through the mail, and is now installed into the bike.  Pictures later. It looks pretty darn cool. I will say though, the propedal setting is not as stiff as the previous shock, the one I rode around for a short time before taking it back out. I wonder if that has to do with the rebound adjust, which I am still fiddling with, trying to get the right balance.

Going for a ride at 4:30


So with my bike, and with a new red flashing light, I continued my training regimen of exercising in the wee hours of the morning. I decided I’m not a huge fan of riding around in the dark. Maybe once I get a headlight for the bike, or for my helmet, or cheaper yet, just tape a flashlight to one or the other or both, I’ll enjoy it more, but it’s too dark and things travel past too quickly.

I still run, I ran this morning, and even then, just going at the speed of my feet, I still run into branches, and mistake inanimate objects for rabid attacking creatures.

Missing my train stop

Here’s another shorty about my train travels. Last week I missed my train stop, I woke up just as the train was pulling from the station. I needed to get off there to change to another train. I had two courses of action at that point. Was it just easier to go around the horn and head back up the other side of the loop, or was it better to head back up and try to get back on track (so to speak). I decided on the latter, by getting out at Redfern and hopping onto the correct train from there. I imagine I probably didn’t lose that much time, although I wasn’t watching the clock.  I still got to work at about the same time.

I imagine that if there were a train going directly from Hazo to Macquarie Park, I’d make it down there in just over an hour and a half. It is the train changes and travels in the wrong direction that cost me that extra 2 hours each day.

New book: Milton

I’m reading a book about the life of John Milton. I really need to get on the computer and start reserving the books I actually want to read. I get to the library and I spend so much time thinking of titles or authors to look for, only to find they are not there. The rest of the time is spent trying to find something that won’t be a total waste of time. This book is not, exactly.

John Milton is a famous person, a poet and someone who lived in a critical time period in England’s history. I’m almost up to the part where Scotland is pissed.

I’ll admit it freely here: I’m annoyed that the author spends so much time trying to pull out homosexual tendencies in Milton’s writing and relationships, as though it were so critical that the slightest hint of a word with a vaguely sexual euphemism be pinpointed amongst all his work and brought to light multiple times. Her examples are so vague so as to make me think it must be the pressure of our modern world, one in which gays have recruited a sufficient number that history must now be carefully written with a highly tuned ear for the same existing in the past, for some reason desperate to justify the rump humping as having always been.

Also annoying is the author’s tendency to refer to John Milton as John. The rejection the scholarly form of using the last name, and the insistent demand that I bend my view in this regard brings out in me rebellion against her demand.

My third complaint is that it puts me to sleep straightaway. This was a pretty good thing this morning, I got up early and then made it to the train and needed to catch up on missed sleep. After about a page, I was off in the land of non sequiturs.

I need a new reading book ASAP, I don’t care how informative this book might be, I’ll go with someone who has written about Milton less recently.

The Latest

Posted: 03/02/2010 by Toby in Informative, News

Well it’s been a while since the last big update, I’ll see what I can do about that.

The basics:

  • I’m still working as a contractor for BP Solar.
  • We still have a Toyota Camry and a Volvo XC90 (I won’t say which one Sharole is more attached to at this point)
  • We’re still living in the mountains, my commute is 2.5 hrs each way (it brings to mind the Smashing Pumpkins lyric – despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage)
  • TJ’s birthday went well
  • Gigi’s birthday is just around the corner
  • As is Valentine’s Day, I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a good Valentine’s idea. I actually have a double whammy since after Val’s Day and after Gigi’s comes the anniversary. That one will be here before I Know it! Maybe I should have re-thunk getting married so close to Valentine’s Day. Learn from me, ye fools! It’s too late for me, save yourselves! Which actually makes Sharole’s former brother in law not so stupid in just one tiny way: he’s getting remarried, and their wedding is set for Valentine’s. We’re not invited to the wedding, but we’re thinking of crashing the reception. If we did go, I think it would be the first time she’s seen Sam since she’s been back.
    Unrelated hypothetical question: If you knew someone was stepping into a marriage with an impotent slimeball, and you knew the bride was not from around here and probably doesn’t know any better, how hard would you try to warn her, or is it any of your business?
    Totally hypothetical.
  • We’ve had a few warm days, but overall this summer is turning out to be somewhat cloudy and rainy; I sloshed through the rain to get to the train station, and only just now, 5,000 feet lower and 2 hours into my commute, the sun is peeking through the clouds, casting a glare over the laptop screen.
  • TJ has started pre-school, one day a week
  • TJ and Gigi have started swim lessons, one day a week
  • TJ has also been going to speech therapy sessions, which turned out to be language skills sessions and guided play, despite what we were told. So alas he wasn’t getting the progress we were hoping for thus far. He is physically capable of making the mouth shapes, but only after a lot of cajoling, will he do it in isolated situations. He still has the bad habits of mispronunciation that started when he first formed the words.
    How about this for HUGE irony: Sharole’s first visit with a real speech therapist , the therapist, among other things, was very emphatic that I sign with TJ as much as possible. Not only is this confusing to me to hear from a speech therapist, who should be firmly in the oral camp, but it had the interesting effect of causing Sharole to start prodding for more sign language from me.
    I find myself wondering whether TJ will end up more like Ellen, or Molly.
  • We had a nice Australia Day, with a yummy breakfast at Gregg and Mel’s and then on to a fair.. of sorts… my advice, don’t bother going. It was at the Regatta Park in Penrith. It was stinking hot, with very little to do or drink within reach.

That’s all for now; I’ve run out of time.

Justin Case

Posted: 06/02/2009 by Toby in Informative

Justin Case you didn’t take another look…

There’s a lack of comments about how good I look on this post.  I know it took me a while to actually fill it in with some narrative, and then a few days later the pictures were added.  Seriously. Keep up!

Also I’m sporting the ‘chopper’ look today, or the ‘hulk hogan’ look for all you Americans.  I’m pretty sure that’s the reason everyone is agreeing with everything I say today.